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Immigration Physicals

The Beloved Medicine Clinic is dedicated to providing Physical Exams to immigrants needing to fill form I-693. We are a Designated Civil Surgeon Clinic by the USCIS to perform these examinations. 

What is an Immigration Physical?

Immigration Physicals are medical exams required by the USCIS in order to complete form I-693. This form is a prerequisite for the eligibility for Resident Alien Card (Green Card).

Immigration Physicals have to be completed by doctors licensed by the respective state and designated by USCIS to perform such a task. 

What does an Immigration Physical entail? 

Immigration Physical entails a complete history taking, full physical examination by the designated civil surgeon, along with completion of information that will need laboratory workup; such as TB and STD's rule out, immunization status and others. It might entail the administration of certain vaccines as well. 

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