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At The Beloved Medicine Clinic, we help our patients realize that diabetes is a manageable disease, that needs a multi-faceted approach to reach the best results and avoid complications as much as possible.
Along with prescribing and adjusting the medications for diabetes, dietetic planning is the major player in blood glucose control. In conjunction with the medical team, our registered dietitian completes the picture by providing our patients by the means to conducting better eating habits and having considerable food options to be able to achieve their best goals.

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit



Blood pressure monitor

infectious diseases


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Cardiac Diseases


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Wound Care

Chronic and slow-to-heal wounds is one of the debilitating and crippling diseases for many patients. At The Beloved Medicine Clinic, we offer Wound Care Services to help treat and expedite the healing of such skin breakdowns, including ulcers. We work collegiately with Vascular and Plastic Surgery to provide integrated treatment for those wounds by treating the main causative factors such as shortage of blood supply and diabetes.

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Pain Management


Joint Pain

Chronic Kidney Disease 


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Prevention and screening

A part of our main focus is "prevention is better than treatment". We screen our patients to make sure we "catch it early on". Screening can be for high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancers, and others. The wellbeing of our patients is our priority. 

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