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Acne scar treatment

Acne scarring is a common problem facing a significant number of patients with acne vulgaris, leading many to seek treatment options for improved cosmesis.


Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory process and acne scars result from an altered wound healing response to cutaneous inflammation caused by acne vulgaris.

Aberrant production and degradation of collagen during this healing process leads to various types of acne scars. Almost always there is a net destruction of collagen in the dermis that results in atrophic scars.

There are three type of scars , ice pick scars, rolling scars and box pick scars and we choose the treatment's modalities base on type and severity of the scar.

The most common modalities for acne scar treatments are :

  • Microneedling  

  • Radiofrequency 

  • Scarlet® microneedling radiofreguency  (MNRF)

  • Subcision 

  • PRP

  • Dermabrasion 

  • Chemical peeling

  • Filler​

In our clinic we treat our patients based on type and severity of the scars by one or combination of these modalities.

For more information and consultation please contact us.

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