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Skin Procedures and Aesthetics

The Beloved Medicine Clinic has added the Aesthetic line to its services.  Our patients can now get the care they need for skin conditions that are bothering them or causing sort of disfigurement. 

We take care of a variety of conditions helping our patients to regain their self-confidence. 

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Eye bags and deep wrinkles

Face Sculpting and skin tightening:
The Beloved Clinic is now using high profile technology devices; Agnes, and Scarlet (radiofrequency devices); for face sculpting, skin tightening, eye bags treatment and others. Please visit the device flipbook when you follow the link below:

Botox injections

Cosmetic Botox injections have been used for multiple purposes, including the treatment of facial fine lines, crow foot wrinkles, excessive armpit sweat and others. Please call our office for further info.  

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